Company Overview

Datum Technology Corporation (DTC) was founded in the heart of Canada’s high tech sector: Kanata, Ontario in early 2018. Since then, it has worked with clients and partners to help teams successfully achieve tapeouts and deliveries to some of the world’s largest companies. Always at the bleeding edge of technology, we strongly believe that Design Verification is a Computer Science problem and needs to be treated exactly as such.
Our Dear Leader

Armed with the best tools and CS practices, we constantly strive for more efficient, re-usable VIPs that don’t die with the end of a project. In the most competitive market in human history, throwaway code is inexcusable and delivery delays will make or break a startup. Make DTC your DV partner today to ensure that time is on your side for your next project.

Datum is an office-free company: we promise to never force our employees to commute to work. We also do our best to try and avoid expensive and wasteful work travel that disrupts well honed routines and workflows. In a post-COVID era, not to mention the looming threat of Climate Change, it is ever more important to make telepresence a strong default. Both for the home lives of workers and for the future of our planet.

Datum prides itself on throwing out the old, negative traditions of hardware engineering. You will not find the tired stereotypes of "we are a family" and "work hard, play hard" here. "Gurus" and "loan geniuses" need not apply. People are people, and great things can only be achieved through sustainable, coordinated efforts.
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