May the source be with you

Datum believes strongly in the power of Free & Open-Source (FOS) IP as the future backbone of the hardware industry. As the pace of semiconductor manufacturing improvements continues to slow down, it becomes paramount for teams to be able to depend on a solid set of standard, proven & free (V)IP and toolchain shared amongst the industry. Our approach is to emulate the best ideas from the software and web development world.

Current Projects

MIO provides DV engineers with both FOS VIP libraries and a DV Development Platform Toolchain to enable the creation of UVM Test Benches and Environments like never before. Build using rich code templates, re-using proven libraries with continued community support, all of it using a modern toolchain built to mirror the best practices from software and web development.

From build & regression scripts to templating and generation of reference documentation, MIO aims to become the standard framework for present and future DV projects.

DTC is proud to support and supply OHWG’s efforts to implement the world’s first 32b and 64b RISC-V silicon implementations.

Make sure to check out both DV codebases for their use of MIO libraries (RISC-V and Core).